Lingerie Shower Gift Ettiquette

As a lingerie boutique owner I encounter clients shopping for bridal shower gifts more often than not. About 50% of these clients stress about the purchase not knowing what to purchase.
As women, we all know that our tastes are anything but the same. If you are planning on a lingerie shower or if someone is throwing one for you, use these tips to avoid any embarrassing moments in front of your mother or future mother in law.

* If invitations are being sent ask that your bra, panty and chemise size is included on the invite.


* Research online boutiques and see if they have gift registry services. If so, include this information on your invites.

* Are you fortunate enough to live in a town where there is an independent lingerie boutique? Call them and see if they offer any bridal services. At Sirens we offer gift registry services. Make an appointment and take your time and have a glass of champagne! Not only is it an occasion to celebrate but a glass will help ease your nerves. With brides to be, I always suggest to try on all sorts of styles. Even if they are new you to, you might just find your favorite new style or piece. Many boutiques also offer shower services as well. Why not leave all the work to the professionals so you and your guests can focus on You? This not only assures that you get The perfect pieces for your “After I Do”, but it also makes for a lovely time while including your bridal party in the process.

A lingerie shower should be a fun event for you and your guests. Small simple steps can ensure that you won’t be mortified by what is lurking in that mysterious bag.

xxoo DJP



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