DIY Engagements, Announcements and Save the Dates.

As a newly engaged lady I am beginning to feel the overwhelming wave of anxiety planning a wedding. So many details and decisions to make, let alone the mounting expenses. Forget me not

In my attempt to keep costs from skyrocketing, I am printing these at home on my home office printer.  These “save the date” announcements will be seed packets containing Forget Me Not seeds. Cute right? Envelopes come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. These are called “coin” envelopes. They have an adhesive flap so they will contain the seeds. I used which is a website with more envelope colors, sizes, shapes etc than you could possibly ask for.

As for the seeds, I searched for bulk seeds of the desired plant and poof they are on the way to my door.


There are a plethora of ways to still have a glamorous and stylish wedding without breaking the bank. I encourage all “brides to be” to be creative and keeping it personable. And besides, all that money you can save will make the honeymoon even more spectacular!

How have you incorporated DIY projects into your wedding planning? Stay tuned for more updates on my personal wedding planning.





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