Engagement Photos: How Far Do You Take It?

Within the first 2 weeks of our engagement, I have already booked an appointment for our [engagement] photos. Although I would like our photos to really stand out (ie: Awkward Family Photo style), realistically I’ve decided to keep things clean and simple. With that said, that doesn’t stop me from admiring those who’ve gone above and … More Engagement Photos: How Far Do You Take It?

Wedding Pinatas

Let’s keep the wedding classy; As such, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Wedding Piñata (I told you I was silly!). Here are some of my favorite piñatas from the interwebs:

Cake time!

Let’s face it, most people remember how the cake looks (if even) more then how it tastes. As such, I’m intrigue by this decorative cake. Is it really edible? Who cares? It looks good! 😉


Maybe we should get marry in Texas? Uh, just kidding mom & dad. Although it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch since the fiance is a Texan. We love this couple’s wedding montage, especially all of their little details. Which reminds me, I’m pretty sure that my bachelorette party will be spent at a gun … More HeeHaw!

The Engagement

He finally proposed. After 3 years of dating, he got down on one knee with a ring. At first, he tried to grab the wrong hand, but my cat-like reflects wouldn’t allow it. I reached out with the right hand (which is the left hand, just to be clear). The timing was perfect as both his … More The Engagement