When Will They Tape My Mouth Shut?

When One Silly Bride began, my intention was to keep a diary of my wedding planning journey. My mother documented her wedding activities leading up to her big day, so I thought: wouldn’t it be nice to carry on with the tradition? Unfortunately, that was months ago and in between visiting venues (during a historically terrible winter), trying on dresses, attending other weddings, etc, I didn’t get around to writing very thing down. So here we are 3 months before the wedding. I have officially been obsessed with my wedding for 5 months! I’m starting to ask: at what point will my friends and family tape my mouth shut if I continue to talk about the wedding?? So in an effort to avoid the brutality, and taking the advice of my mother, and The Lingerie Addict (who started her blog based on similar obsessions with Lingerie), I decided to put my thinking in writing. In a nutshell here are all of the activities that has taken place: 2014

  • Dec 13: Got engaged
  • Dec 28: Asked S to be a bridesmaid


  • Jan 13: First time dress shopping, purchased 1 of 3 wedding dress
  • Jan – Feb: bunch of snow storm, visited a bunch of places, no dice on securing a venue
  • Feb 25: Ceremony venue confirmed
  • March 1: Reception venue confirmed, website complete, saved the date sent
  • March 3: Decided to use zoho for complete project management for the wedding
  • March 4: Found Western style (white) bridal gown online – HELLO GRACE KELLY STYLE DRESS!
  • March 11: Invited M to become Maid Of Honor
  • March 11 – 18: Waited for Western style bridal gown from Italy to arrive, super nervous!
  • March 19: Chinese Kua (dress number 3) arrived (in China)
  • March19: Western style gown finally arrived!
  • March 20: Style guide created
  • March 23: Purchased tickets for honeymoon!
  • March 25: Decided on a baker
  • March 29: Received Hello Kitty Cake Topper from F&J
  • March 31: Bridesmaid dresses and gifts purchased
  • April 1: Accommodations confirmed for guests
  • April 4-5: First Easter with the In-laws! Folded mucho origami flowers
  • April 9: Bridesmaid dresses arrived
  • April 13: Rough draft of wedding day schedule complete
  • April 14: Started bridal registry @ Bloomingdales
  • April 15: Received Flower girl’s dress – but wrong color!
  • April 18: Confirmed bouquet of flowers with FMIL & Bridesmaids bouquet
  • April 19: Visited restaurant for dimensions (again)
  • April 24: DJ deposit
  • April 26: Bridal Shower “I Do Bar-b-que” invitations sent from FMIL
  • April 27: Submitted floor plans for customized creation via Allseated.com
  • April 28: Designed table layouts via Allseated.com
  • May 1: Flower girl’s dress finally arrived, and the color finally works – 3rd times a charm!

Although a lot has been accomplished, we still have a long way to go! I’m also keeping tabs of all of the pain-in-the-arse, nasty vendor candidates, who just didn’t work out, and the reasons behind it. What’s on my task list today? Shoes, tuxedos, rings and flower baskets. Those will probably be the topic of my next post. TableLayout_20150428 Photo Apr 05, 21 13 24


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