Moving on with the next wedding task: Finding the right pair of wedding shoes.

Already, I have decided to go with Manolo Blahnik. My decision was based on a few reasons (in no prioritized order):

  1. Admittedly, I’ve cut many corners for this wedding, and although I won’t go into the details of that topic, there are a few things I would like to do right. Those things include: finding the right shoes and attire as all eyes will be on … me (yikes!).
  2. A very good friend of mine recommended Manolo, and I tend to take his word.
  3. There’s probably going to be a lot of standing and walking around on the big day, so let’s do all of that a little more comfortably.
  4. I would like take the first step in the married life fabulously, and figuratively I think a pair of shoes will suffice 😉

Anyway, I’m determined to find an appropriate pair that can also be worn after the wedding. Since I’m wearing three dresses for the big day, this pair of shoes will need to match 2 distinct colors: white and red. At first, I was courted by the Hangisi 70 satin in red, however the crystal encrusted sparkles are a bit much for life after walking down the aisle.


At the moment, I’m stuck between: BB Suede 105mm Pump, Ruby


and the BB Suede 90mm Pump, Natural Gold.


I also like the Paint-Splatter pumps, which are obviously very wedding appropriate. What to do…what to do?

One key learning: Bergdorf Goodman has probably the most selection of Manolo compared to Saks and Neiman Marcus.


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