Finally: My wedding shoes arrived!

With less then 80 days left ’til the big day, most of my entries unfortunately (or fortunately — is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?) begins with “FINALLY”. And “FINALLY”, I am super excited for the arrival of my red Manolo Blahnik pumps with prima shoe clip!

Photo May 21, 18 14 18

Just like any part of my wedding planning thus far, it took 3 tries to get the perfect shoes to arrive. The first pair of  shoes did not match my skin tone (they were too gold). The second pair were not the right color (thank you Barneys!). The third pair of shoes came from Saks, and they were just right.

As mentioned, since I would like to start the newly wedded life with a kick (metaphorically speaking), it was imperative to find a pair of shoes that can be worn even after my wedding. On the other hand, I also wanted a pair of shoes that fit the occasion matching all three of my wedding dresses. That’s when the idea of this snazzy shoe clip was introduced.

Photo May 14, 08 19 50

So far so good.

The plan for the big day is to wear the same pair of red shoes, but with two different pair of VienneMilano thigh highs. For the Grace Kelly, Western-style wedding gown, I will wear white stockings. For my Chinese (red) wedding dresses, I will match the entire outfit with nude stockings. Now the question is: shall I try to find a different shoe clip for the red dresses and nude stockings? Hmm…

Photo May 18, 14 48 07


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