And just like that, another milestone is complete. Our wedding invites are sent!

Although I would have preferred to send the invitations out earlier (closer to 3 months in advance instead of 2), I guess better late then never, right? Photo May 31, 19 13 32 So what’s the story behind our invitations?

Growing up, my family often received “traditional”* Chinese wedding invitations from friends and family. These invitations are printed on red stocked paper with gold letterings. Some were even scented (smelled like soap to me), and had Chinese text on one side of the invitation followed by English (since most weddings we attended were in the US) on the other side. In some cases, a pastry gift certificate was included. *(I put “traditional” in quotes because I’m actually not sure how far back this tradition goes). Since we decided to have a Chinese style-wedding banquet, it seemed fitting to go with the Chinese format for our invitations – plus, a lot of western-style wedding invitations look like funeral invitations (at least to me). After spending (literally) hours of digging through various designs, we decided to go with this pattern as it incorporated the double happiness emblem. I wanted something short, sweet, and simple – let’s be honest, I think the only people who will make an effort in saving our invitations are our parents. I also wanted to use our website to manage all of our RSVP as opposed to counting cards. Photo May 31, 20 32 14 The fiancé wasn’t keen on printing the inserts on pink paper (which I thought would be considered more “traditional”), so we went with yellow inserts instead. We also decided to print everything in English since it didn’t make sense to translate address information into Chinese. Most attendee speaks English, and if they do not, they will probably be with an English speaker. The invitations arrived last week from China and it required a bit of assembling. Thankfully my family and fiancé were ready to turn our home into a Chinese sweatshop. I guess in the end, it wasn’t that bad since we received an invitation from a friend who’s getting married the day before us the day we sent our invitations out.Invitations-to-send


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