It takes a village to finish 60 bottles of wine!

Sometime over the past 6 months, my FMIL and I decided to use wine bottles as centerpiece with origami flowers. Since we’re having a traditional Chinese banquet, we thought this style of center piece would tie in with both the theme and restaurant’s decor nicely.

For our wedding, we’re expecting 200 guests (that’s 20 tables); We thought 3 bottles per each table should suffice. Thanks to all of our amazing friends and family, we somehow managed to save 60 bottles within a few weeks. Here’s what my FMIL did:

1) First she took the labels off all of the bottles and primed the bottles.

Photo Apr 19, 13 40 30

2) She then painted the bottles in three different shades of “sea breeze” to match the bridesmaid’s dresses.
Photo May 23, 16 31 27

3) Lastly, she sponged each bottle with a coat of gold paint.


My FMIL also folded all of the kusudama origami flowers.

In between all three bottles will be a sign to indicate the number of the table. Guests are encouraged to take each bottle home as a souvenir. I can’t wait to see these bottles at the actual banquet!


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