Sometimes all you have to do is ask. How I got my wedding dress altered.

Who is Mrs. Mu?

Mrs. Mu is an old Chinese woman who lives alone in the South End (Boston). She is a retired seamstress, who specialized in altering bride gowns. Since Mrs. Mu is retired, it would have been nearly impossible to find her and her services.

How did we find Mrs. Mu?

One month before I met Mrs. Mu, I asked Auntie Melody (who seems to know everyone in town) if she knew a good tailor for my bride gown. At the time, Auntie Melody did not know anyone, but promised to let me know if anyone came up. And sure enough, Auntie Melody met Mrs. Mu at work.


Mrs. Mu came to Auntie Melody for naturalization service. Since the two women got a long, Mrs. Mu popped the question: “Do you, or someone you know need tailoring services?”. And of course her answer was: “Yes! I do. My niece needs her bride gown altered!”

What was it like to visit Mrs. Mu?

Visiting Mrs. Mu was interesting to say the least. To start, Mrs. Mu lives a simple, retired life. As such, she does not have a heck of a lot of things in her apartment (which is a very good thing). Unfortunately, she did not have a mirror, which made things difficult for me during our first visit.

Inevitably, I relied on my mother and Auntie Melody and their opinions on how my dress should be altered. Luckily for me, my mother has an ambitious plan for her daughter (that’s me) to look like a size 00 (or at least look skinnier). My mom & Auntie made all the right calls as to where the dress should be hemmed and tailored. The reality is, I am nowhere close to being a size 00.

In total, we visited Mrs. Mu three times. I packed my own mirror for our second and third trip – can you imagine a short Asian woman carrying a heavy, bubbled-covered mirror up and down a major street on several Sunday mornings at a time? Well that was me!

Needless to say, I was happy by the end of our third trip as my dress was ready! Now I need to get it steamed. (Please excuse the poor photo quality. My body was turned slightly, and this was taken with an iphone!)


Other things about Mrs. Mu

In the beginning, I was dubious about Mrs. Mu: Can a retired 70 year-ish old woman really alter my dress properly? And if so, why doesn’t she have a mirror, or a platform for me to stand on (like most seamstress)? However, I decided to work with Mrs. Mu because deep down, I wanted to like Mrs. Mu; Mrs. Mu reminded me of my grandmother.

In the end, Mrs. Mu would not take our money for her work. Instead, she welcome the idea for a meal together, which we will definitely make sure do to.


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