Say YES To A Marriage Certificate!

After trying multiple times, we finally registered for an “Notice Of Intention Of Marriage” at Town Hall. At first, I was concerned: “Will they ask us questions about each other to validate our relationship?”. Should we have studied up each other’s birthdays, signs, blood type and favorite movies before arriving?? If so, did we have enough time to cram while we wait in line? (I told you I am silly)

It didn’t help that the 2 couples a head of us (who were also getting their marriage certificate) kept asking questions, writing down the wrong information, and filling out new forms over and over again. Could this possibly be that difficult? Thankfully the process wasn’t that bad. The forms mainly asked us where we live, our occupations, our parents’ names and what name we choose to use after the wedding.

What stood out to me was the long list of marriage impediments set by the state of Massachusetts. I wonder how much more (or less) do other states consider to be impeding to a marriage?

At the end, both the fiancé and I checked a little box to swear that we’re not related. We also read our oaths out loud — I kind of wanted to read our oaths in a funny accent, but no one was a fan of the idea.

We were in and out of Town Hall in 30 minutes, and costs $40. The actual certificate will be ready next week. All we need to do now is to…well, get married! And to get the certificates officiated on our wedding day.

Photo Jun 18, 19 17 57


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