I-Do-Bar-B-Que / Texan-themed Bridal Shower


My FMIL and bridesmaids did an amazing job planning our bridal shower. Since my fiancé is from Texas, the theme was Texan, and we encouraged everyone to bring their Cowboy or Cowgirl hat (as it was co-ed). We called the event the I-Do-Bar-B-Que, and it took place at my fiance’s family’s lake house located in the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee (which is also where he proposed). Here’s how a Texan-themed bridal shower looks:

Photo Jun 27, 14 27 36

Cowboy Boots decor.

Vienne-Ray-lala-043Vienne-Ray-lala-069 Vienne-Ray-lala-072 Vienne-Ray-lala-074

Cowboy boot piñata.

Alex_Calvin_Fan Leah

Cowboy themed photo booth.

Cowboy caviar, and A LOT of BBQ food and southern desserts: No photos unfortunately as everything was eaten so quickly!

Game time!

Hats off to our bridesmaids who did a great job organizing bridal shower games. Earlier last week, one of our bridesmaids invited us over to videotaped the fiancé answer questions about me. I then answered the same questions in front of the entire audience to see if our answers matched. Overall I think both of us scored pretty well, he actually did better then me!

Vienne-Ray-lala-031 Vienne-Ray-lala-034
Here’s our Maid Of Honor reading the questions for our bridal shower game.

We also had other games for the audience that pertained to the wedding and nerf gun wars!

IMG_4601 IMG_4944bVienne-Ray-lala-064 IMG_0728bVienne-Ray-lala-014

We had a really fun time at our bridal shower and we can’t thank our organizers enough for planning, and integrating both the Texan and Chinese traditions (in New England) into our wedding activities.


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