The Ultimate Garment Bag For Your Wedding!

I’m not an organized person; therefore I was thrilled to learn about the Set Ready Bridal Bag. Created by Sarah Cogan (a film and television costume designer), this awesome and practical invention is here to help both bride and groom pack everything for the big day!

Leave it to me to forget something important (like the ring)! With the Set Ready Bridal Bag, forgetful brides like myself have one less thing to worry about as we place everything from head to toe in 1 bag…Now you have no excuse to forget your veil, shoes, and especially not your bridal thigh highs!


Sounds amazing, right? Although the Set Ready Bridal Bag won’t be ready in time for my upcoming wedding, I’d like to help Sarah (and future brides-to-be) out by making this garment bag come to life. Be sure to check this project out at Kick Starter! Speaking of which, I better get crackin’ on that packing list for the wedding!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 15.38.06 (2)


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