What do you wear to your own bridal shower?

At my age, I’ve certainly been to more then a few bridal showers, which is why I know that photos from this sort of event can linger on for years to come – particularly if you are one of the oldest girls in the family. To give you an example, for years, I used my older cousin’s wedding and bridal shower photos as a point of reference as she was the first to get married in our family in America. Since I too am considered one of the oldest girls in the family, I’m pretty sure that my photos may also be used for reference for my younger cousins in the future.

In light of all of this, it was imperative to find a nice dress for photos for my bridal shower. At first, I intend on wearing a colorful dress for the festive occasion. However, after searching on the internet, I realized: most brides wear white to their own bridal shower. Thankfully, I had this old white dress in the closet.


While snooping around other people’s wedding and bridal shower photos, I noticed that it’s always not clear who the bride, or the bridesmaids are. I thought a good solution would be to wear a fascinator.

Since I don’t have white stilettos (at least not for personal reasons), these silver shoes would do.


And of course I wore VienneMilano thigh highs to pull the entire ensemble together. 😉


Box with Hands Cutout


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