Attention All Star Wars Fans: Here’s a wedding idea for you!

Since I am a fan of all things silly (and awesome), I thought reposting this blog entry from the weddingbee would be appropriate.

#HereComesMcBride: Cocktail Hour Star Wars Surprise!

So, there was one thing that I didn’t tell Mr. C about before the wedding. When the coordinator heard that he loved Star Wars (he told her about his socks and chose the Cantina song for his garter toss), she contacted me and said that she had a friend who did Star Wars reenactments and would be willing to come to our cocktail hour…dressed as a Storm Trooper. I literally laughed out loud and knew that Mr. Coral and his friends would think that it was awesome. Well, he showed up right after the ceremony and everyone just kind of…stared for a minute. I think that they didn’t know what to think. However, he said (in his robot-y Storm Trooper voice) “Who wants to hold my blaster?” and that definitely broke the ice.

He was a well loved part of the cocktail hour and was definitely heavily Instagrammed. He was the center of attention while we were off getting pictures taken with our bridal party. Check out the laughs below:









Image via Instagram


Image via Instagram


Image via Instagram


Image via Instagram




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