Black Or Gray Bowtie & Cummerbund set?

Surprise, surprise: This silly bride is the spawn of one silly father. Here’s my father trying to decide which tie to wear for the wedding. What do you think? Sold black or patterned dark gray bowtie & cummerbund set?

(And yes, that is Fan Bing Bing on the wall calendar).

IMG_1253 IMG_1256

3 thoughts on “Black Or Gray Bowtie & Cummerbund set?

  1. A thin man can get away with the colors, a larger man, nope, just as bad as horizontal stripes…. Your father can EASILY wear the color…… FAT people like me, solids honey and that is a Gay mans review, so you just KNOW it is true!!! Handsome man by the way, your parents breed VERY well ! ! !


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