Awfully Funny Wedding Vendors

I have truly enjoyed meeting vendors who brought comical relief to our wedding planning. Case in point, one of the Chinese restaurant we visited back in February (a popular wedding venue in Boston), called in mid July to inform us that their venue is actually available for our August wedding (which is 2 weeks away). And although they didn’t say it, this is my interpretation of their message:

Dear Valued Customer,

We have decided to bless your wedding with our venue. We know it’s quite an honor for you to receive this call, so hopefully you can plan your wedding in 20 days, and that all 200 (minimum) of your friends and family can come to Boston in time to basque in our establishment.


Well unless this was the Taj Mahal, you can probably sense my passive aggressive sarcasm (this is a blog after all). The reality is, the restaurant who called probably realize business is slow this summer (and who can blame them? They have excellent customer service) and in their mind, it was ok to follow up with a sales lead from 5+ months ago.

I won’t advertise this particular restaurant and all of the other fabulously self entitled vendors who made me think their business is a joke (ie: a wedding planner who thinks seat covers are her “business proprietary” and apparently is an expert on the art of up sell). At the very least, I found them humorous – and humor is greatly appreciated during the wedding planning process.



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