Hurray! My Eco-Friendly Rose Petals Are Here!

I was super delighted to receive these gorgeous rose petals from Flyboy Naturals! These [real] petals [not silk] are just what we need to embellish our cake table and to add romance to the aisle. LowRes_boxbrochure1


Although I won’t be opening these beautiful bags of petals until next week (at our actual wedding – so stay tuned for more photos!), I would like to introduce Flyboy Naturals. Read my interview with Co-Founder, Jami Brown:

What’s the story?
Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals specializes in eco-friendly, freeze dried petals for Weddings & special events…offering over 100 colors of absolutely beautiful, non-staining, not slippery & bio-degradable rose, hydrangea, peony & lilac petals.

Where does the name Flyboy Naturals come from?
We came up with the name almost 24 years ago. This is a family owned business. Jim, my hubby and myself started the business in 1992…. The same year we were married. Jim was a private pilot when he was a young guy, and so when we started dating I called him “my flyboy” when we started our business I thought it would be really fun to call it Flyboy. He said “it doesn’t have anything to do with our natural products”. So we compromised and added naturals to the end & the rest is history. The great thing about the name is people always remember it.

What makes your petals unique?
First thing is they [the petals] are coming DIRECT TO THE GROWER! We grow over 5,000 rose bushes for the specific reason of producing eco-friendly, freeze dried rose petals…we also offer hydrangea, lilac & peony petals which we also grow onsite.

Our petals are not the extras that are peeled off the outside of a flower at florists. They are swoon worthy quality…the freeze drying preserves the shape, size & color…they are non-staining, not slippery, ALL NATURAL, bio-degradable & very affordable.

When stored properly, they can last for many months or even longer. They don’t turn brown & wilt-y like fresh petals. We offer over 100 colors & we also provide custom blending of colors at no extra charge.

Has Flyboy Naturals ever supplied petals to movies or commercials?
Yes, Flyboy Naturals Rose Petals have supplied a number of production companies & movies, including:

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Little Fockers
  • Memoirs of a Geisha -Park Scene with Cherry Blossoms
  • Legally Blonde- Wedding Scene

Where are you based?
Our farm is in Oregon where we do all the growing, harvesting, processing & shipping…worldwide.

Do you ship everywhere in the world?
Almost…Except Nigeria & Mexico. These are areas where we have faced issues with theft & customs.

What is the best way for consumers to buy your petals?
Either direct by calling 1.800.465.5125 or on our secure website:

What else? Tell me more about your business…
What can I say? It is a wonderful life and lots of hard work with very long hours (this time of year we start at 6:30am and finish up around 8pm daily). But when you love what you do & you are surrounded by so much beauty along with all of our furry friends – There is nothing better!  How great is it to be a small part of people’s happiest day of their lives? PRETTY GREAT we think!

Sounds incredible, right? As an entrepreneur, I am inspired by their story and success (in both business and marriage). I am happy to have learn about this brand.

Ready to make your wedding truly stand out? Be sure to use promo code: 20onesillybride to get 20% off! And don’t forget to follow Flyboy Naturals on facebook and twitter!

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