The Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal took place the day before the wedding. This was the ideal time for the event considering the fact that our wedding party lived anywhere between Boulder (USA) to Tübingen (Germany). I’m so glad that one of our bridesmaid’s husband was able to come along to take photos! Here we are as we paid close attention to Carolyn, … More The Wedding Rehearsal

Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 1)

What an incredible wedding gift! My little cousins from Canada created this beautiful shadow (light) box display plus storage unit. According to my cousins, they stalked my husband and I on Facebook to create our bust, and researched on how the actual stain-glass window looks at our wedding venue. They even went as far as including some of our favorite cartoon … More Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 1)

Meet Eye. Heart. Me. And Their Beautiful Fascinators

Call me…silly, but it bothers me that you can’t always tell who the bride is in bridal related event photos. As such, I decided to wear this beautiful headpiece made by Eye. Heart. Me. for our Pig Roast event, and Bachelorette party. Get to know the folks behind this fascinating brand in my interview with … More Meet Eye. Heart. Me. And Their Beautiful Fascinators

Queue the music…At last!

And just like that, our wedding is over! I promised myself a hair cut and froyo the day after I get married, and here it is: Although the hair cut will have to come at a later time. Don’t worry, this won’t be the end. I’ll still be blogging about weddings!