The Speech I Originally Planned On Giving


Hello everybody! I am Vienne, and I just got married today! And here is my husband, Ray.

Since not everyone here has met both of us before, I would like to give a brief introduction on how we met, and to say a word of thank you.

Ray and I met a few years ago through our friends: H (his coworker) and M, both of whom I went to high school with and are part of our wedding party. Say Hello.

In particular, Ray and I bonded over our interest for Hong Kong – a city we both used to live. Throughout the years, romance developed. By the third month of dating, Ray and I traveled to China and Hong Kong together.

In China, we decided to go to Shangrai-La. The journey required… (hold on to your seat everyone): a 4 hour bus ride, an 8 hour overnight train ride, a 2 hour plane ride, a cab ride followed by a subway ride. And yes, although some would make fun of us for taking the longer road – it was during this journey we realized: we make a good team.

Since our first adventure, Ray and I have visited other parts of the world – falling deeper and deeper in love, thus bringing us here today.

Thank you B and D for raising Ray. Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your help, support and patience. It’s been a wonderful journey for us, and I’m happy to embark in our new chapter with all of you here on our special day. Ray and I are grateful to have friends and family who traveled so very far to be here today. Thank you.


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