Our Last 3 Months Wedding Timeline

Three months ago, I blogged about my obsession: our wedding. Clearly, if I did not stop talking about the wedding, my friends and family would have taped my mouth shut. And here we are, days after our wedding and I am still talking about the wedding. So what exactly have we’ve done over the past three months?

  • May 6: Bought 1st pair of Manolo shoes for the wedding!
  • May 8: Shoes arrived, but returned. The “gold” does not complement my skin tone. Repurchased another pair, again.
  • May 14: Returned Manolo (again). The shoes looked worn.
  • May 15: Received ring pillow and flower basket.
  • May 15: Purchased 3rd pair of Manolo – third times a charm!
  • May 17: Resized engagement ring. Ray also found out his ring size.
  • May 21: Shoes finally arrived, and they are perfect!
  • May 31: Assembled wedding invitation with family
  • June 1: Sent wedding invitations (1st wave)
  • June 5: Ordered wedding cake from Eldo’s
  • June 6: Picked up 30 pastry gift cards (Chinese tradition)
  • June 7: 1st view of alteration with mom and aunt melody, looks good!
  • June 7: Rented tux for ring boy
  • June 13: Ray’s bachelor party
  • June 16: Received kwa (Chinese wedding gown), accessories and decorations from China
  • June 18: Registered for wedding certificate at Brookline Town hall
  • June 23: Picked up marriage certificate
  • June 23: Visited Mai in preparation for Bridal Shower games
  • June 24: Finished folding wedding favor pieces
  • June 27: Bridal Shower
  • July 12: Visited New China Pearl, identified menu & wine list. Visited church. Figured out pig roast menu, money box, and floral arrangement. Bouquet is also done!
  • July 19: Picked up 3rd and final dress from Grandasia
  • July 23: Ordered 40 lb pig, 4 chickens, and 4-5 lbs of pork for Pig Roast/Rehearsal Dinner
  • July 29: Discussed with DJ on music selection
  • August 1: Bachelorette Party
  • August 2: Steamed wedding dress, and cleaned of parent’s house
  • August 6: Printed program books
  • August 7: Attended Nate & Kate’s wedding
  • August 8: Pig Roast/Rehearsal Day + folded program books
  • August 9: The big day!
  • August 10: Froyo time.
  • August 11: Back to work.

Exhausting, right? In total, we spent eight months planning for the big day, and it ended in a blink of an eye. It felt incredible, and I’m saving all of my thoughts and thank you’s for another post.

Next stop: photos and thank you cards!


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