Our Wedding Photos (Part 1)

Some of our photos were ready this weekend, and I can’t stop looking at them!

SepdiaMomDadSepdiaMomDad2SepiaRayVienneSepiaRayVienne-3SepiaRayVienne-4While most people in the western hemisphere will consider our wedding photos to be ordinary, for me these images carry a little more weight. For my family, this is the beginning of a new era: My parents (and the generations before) never walked down the aisle at a church, and my mom did not wear a white bridal gown. Chinese traditions are very different from the west, and as a woman who grew up in America, I tried my best to integrate the best of both worlds. Whether or not my future children decide to carry on these traditions are up to them, but for now this how I got married.
Sure, one can argue that the practice of wearing a western gown in a Chinese wedding has already been done, however in my immediate family this is still the first.


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