Meet Eye. Heart. Me. And Their Beautiful Fascinators

Call me…silly, but it bothers me that you can’t always tell who the bride is in bridal related event photos. As such, I decided to wear this beautiful headpiece made by Eye. Heart. Me. for our Pig Roast event, and Bachelorette party. Get to know the folks behind this fascinating brand in my interview with their Founder, Suzanne:

Photo Jul 22, 16 33 57

How do you wear a fascinator?
There isn’t so much a wrong way to wear a fascinator as there is a wrong occasion to wear a fascinator! Fascinators are meant to be fun, daring and often times whimsical. I just wouldn’t wear one to walk my dog. Actually… who cares, of course you can look like Kate Middleton while you walk your dog!

What do you look for when searching for a fascinator?
It all boils down to tying your ensemble together. I can put an entire album together of gorgeous dresses, shoes, jewelry of all the pictures my clients send me to help them find a matching fascinator. It’s also made me shop a whole lot more because I’m always asking where they get there outfits from! I recommend pieces based on a few things. The overall look and occasion are the biggest two factors. If they’re attending a wedding I like to recommend the Juliet for its chic satin fabric and soft birdcage veil. If they’re attending the derby, I recommend something more ‘fun in the sun’ type such as the Wendy. Then there are more neutral pieces, like the Penny, that just seem to compliment any outfit or occasion.

What makes your fascinator unique?
YOU! The way you carry yourself, your accessories, and your personality will make you shine. Remember, you wear the fascinator.. the fascinator does not wear you. If you have the confidence to wear a fascinator, you will feel and look fabulous. I often times get customers telling me “I don’t want to look silly”. Just own your look, everyone else will admire you for it.

If our readers were to purchase from you, can they obtain a 10% discount?
Even better, 20%! Just like our Facebook page and use the coupon code FBTHANKS for 20% off your first order!

Be sure to follow Eye. Heart. Me. via social media!

Instagram: @EyeHeartMeStore

Photo Jul 22, 16 33 49

V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_006 V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_033


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