The Pig Roast/Rehearsal Dinner

Combining the east with the west (or the west with the east?)

According to Chinese tradition, the groom’s side of the family bears gifts to the bride’s family at some point before the wedding — and one of these gifts include a giant roast pig. In the western tradition, the groom’s side of the family pays for the rehearsal dinner. Since Ray and I expected many friends and family from around the world, we figured it would be wrong to leave everyone behind during our rehearsal dinner. As such, we decided to combine both traditions together, to welcome our guests, and to host a Pig Roast! Plus, it was a great excuse to serve Southern Chinese & (American) Southern-style food…which worked together!V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_048V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_001V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_056V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_005
V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_006We were both asked to make a wish before cutting up the pig. Our wish?
We wished to eat this pig – Duh!V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_044V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_045V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_046V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_047V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_049 V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_050 V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_051IMG_8357 IMG_8374Pickleback shots anyone?IMG_8422

I’m shocked by how quickly a 40+ lbs pig, 4 chickens, 5 lbs of additional pork and other great dishes were devoured by a party of 50+ people! In fact, prior to ordering the pig, we even researched on how much pork is ideal per person. I guess the recommended 1.5 lb of pork/person just doesn’t cut it.

Correction: 90 people! As it turns out, we grossly under estimated our guests. Whoops. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, we could have very easily gotten married at the Pig Roast.

Head piece by: Eye. Heart. Me.
Make up by: Cydangie
Photography by: Creambyte


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