Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 2)

As mentioned, Ray and I are extremely impressed & humbled by this work of art created by my Canadian cousins. Here’s my attempt in recreating their artistic journey. See their documented timeline below.Brainstorm_04Brainstorm_03Brainstorm_02Brainstorm_01Planning_03Planning_02Planning_05 Planning_04Planning_01Design2_03Sketches from our trip to Machu Picchu.Design2_02 Design2_01Design1_08 Design1_07 Design1_05 Design1_04 Design1_03 How they knew my hair was going to be in an up-do for the wedding is beyond me…Design1_02 Design1_01Painting_02 Painting_01Tada…V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_042


February 18th: Decided to make a present & brainstorming began.

  • Hand drawn story/comic book based on both real & made up events
  • Collection of their pictures (scrapbook style)
  • Brewing our own alcohol
  • Book of their pictures with funny captions
  • Matching couple t-shirts

February 20th: Decided what to make & more brainstorming

March – June 25th: Played around with design ideas & a break

June 30th: Narrowed it to two designs & sketched them out on tracing paper

July 1 – July 21: Scanned designs and traced them on Illustrator with the help of other photos found online

  • July 19: Began choosing and adding special audience members. Included: Hello Kitty, Waldo, Badtz Maru, Goku, & Tyrael from Diablo. Other candidates: Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, other Sanrio characters & Totoro.

July 22 – 23: Fixed image size & printed flipped image outlines

July 24 – August 1: The very painstaking and careful cutting process began

July 28: Frame construction planning began

August 1: Began gluing the layers together & adding the “stained glass”

August 3: Added stairs to design

August 4: Finished building the shadow box frame

August 5: Glued all the paper layers together, painted the frame black

August 7: Finally finished assembly of the entire light box.

August 7 – 8: Hoped that it would survive the ride to Boston

August 8: Success!


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