Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 1)

What an incredible wedding gift! My little cousins from Canada created this beautiful shadow (light) box display plus storage unit. According to my cousins, they stalked my husband and I on Facebook to create our bust, and researched on how the actual stain-glass window looks at our wedding venue. They even went as far as including some of our favorite cartoon characters in the audience: Can you find Waldo? How about Hello Kitty, or Goku? Ray and I are blown away by how much their work of art resembles us – they even went as far as capturing our difference in height! How did they do it? Find out here.
V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_033 V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_034 V_R-Roast_08-09-2015_042

Head piece by: Eye. Heart. Me.


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