The Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal took place the day before the wedding. This was the ideal time for the event considering the fact that our wedding party lived anywhere between Boulder (USA) to Tübingen (Germany). I’m so glad that one of our bridesmaid’s husband was able to come along to take photos! Here we are as we paid close attention to Carolyn, our wedding coordinator.

IMG_8533 IMG_8534 IMG_8535 IMG_8541 IMG_8557 IMG_8568 IMG_8573 IMG_8578Since the flower girl was still on her family vacation, my brother agreed to be our substitute flower girl.IMG_8583 IMG_8588 IMG_8600 IMG_8603 IMG_8524IMG_8608 IMG_8612 IMG_8615 I think this was the moment when everyone realized how incredibly short our wedding was going to be. My husband and I did not want any performances, nor bells & whistles. We only asked for our message to be straight and to the point.IMG_8621 IMG_8647 IMG_8648 I guess I should have brought my veil…
IMG_8661 IMG_8663 IMG_8668 Head piece by: Eye. Heart. Me.
Hosiery by: VienneMilano
Location: Swedenborg Chapel


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