Chinese Wedding Door Games

The purpose of door games is for the bridesmaids to prank the groom/smen. These games are conducted before the tea ceremony, right in front of the door (thus the name) of the bride’s parent’s home. Since I don’t live with my parents, we had a little bit of a logistical challenge. Here’s a photo of the boys sipping on their ice coffee as they wait for us girls to arrive – whoops!
IMG_9268 Although there are no official “door games”, it’s common for pranks to embarrass the grooms/men (I’ll give an example of that in another post). The grooms/men are also supposed to carry little red pockets of money (called lai-see) to bribe the bridesmaids to let them in.

Since no one in the wedding party (besides myself) have seen or heard of this custom, I did not want to push the games too far — plus this was just the beginning of a long day. I wasn’t a fan of having the grooms/men do push ups and sit ups in the 80 degree heat in their suit (which is a popular challenge for door games). I also felt that some of the games they play at home weren’t appropriate for the American audience. As such, we had to compromise…(and essentially invent our own games).

I persuaded my bridesmaids (whom are traditionally responsible for setting up the pranks) to incorporate nerf guns – a toy we all know and love. The bridesmaids blind folded the grooms/men and asked them to shoot bullets at one another while carrying a specified target. I thought this was a good way for the groomsmen to embarrass themselves. Although I’m not sure how the games went (as I was supposed to be “in hiding”), it looks like everyone had fun.
V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_012 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_013 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_014 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_015 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_016 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_018 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_019 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_020 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_021

At last! They made it through! Hurray!V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_022 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_023 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_024 V_R-Wedding_08-09-2015_025


I love these girls, and I can’t thank them enough for playing along!


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