Dumb Things People Say To A Bride

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Although I would like to think that I didn’t turn into bridezilla during the course of wedding planning, I did find a few questions to be well…dumb. What kind of questions were they you ask? Read on. Here are my I-wish-I-had-the-nerve-to-say (passive aggressive) responses as well.

Are you going to eat all of that? Have you lost any weight yet?
Oh thanks for the reminder. Help me stick my finger down my throat…

I’m so surprise you guys came out [to a certain event] don’t you have a ton of things to do for the wedding?
You’re absolutely right! Let me get back to work.

C’mon! I’m in the wedding party, do I still need to RSVP?
Although this isn’t a big deal, in a way it is. In principle, you were asked to join our wedding party as we consider you to be a good friend who can help us on our wedding day. It should not be the other way around where we need to tie your shoe lace for our wedding.

What’s the purpose of renting the seat cover? Cooties?
(Or what’s the purpose of fill in the blank with any part of the wedding planning). Although I always appreciate this type of question: you have to ask: does having a greater understanding of the purpose improve your ability to find seat covers? Didn’t think so.


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