Tea Ceremony Time!

Besides walking down the aisle, I really looked forward to our Tea Ceremony. Why? Because you (as the bride) get to wear a pretty red outfit (and a ton of gold jewelry), spend one-on-one time with each pair of relative (husband and wife), drink tea, and receive presents!

Rumor has it, this Chinese wedding tradition dates back to the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD). And according to the internet (so it must be true), tea is first served to the groom’s side. However, I was told by my family that it’s actually bad luck if the bride’s family went second. So here we are on our knees serving tea to my eldest aunt and uncle as they were the first in order. Our tea ceremony took place after the door games.


As we served tea to our elders, each relative gives us their blessings, and advice. In my family these “advice” ranged from “take care of Yan (that’s me), you have to be patient with her” to “listen to your wife, she’s always right…” to “next time, you can give me a beer…”


Here are the dedicated tea “pourers”, and ushers (aunt and family friends):


Since my grandparents aren’t a live, we “served tea” to their portrait.


The entire ceremony took about 45 minutes – which was a lot faster than I had anticipated since I have a large family. What’s next? Chow time! Here we are having our first traditional family lunch.




The tea ceremony for the groom’s family occurred in the evening (right before our wedding banquet). At this point, my bridesmaids helped pour tea and ushered the ceremony.





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