A Civil Marriage In The Boston Public Gardens

Recently, some very good friends of mine held a civil marriage ceremony at Boston’s Public Garden. The couple invited 12 of their closest friends for the simple and elegant occasion. I took the opportunity to take photos for my friends. Here’s the happy couple in front of their two favorite willow tree – a place they felt symbolic of their relationship.

AF-2 AF AF-17 AF-14 AF-13 AF-12 AF-10 AF-9 AF-8 AF-7 AF-6

Although this is not your typical Chinese American wedding, the couple incorporated various aspects of Chinese wedding customs to their ceremony. For example, the couple selected a “lucky date” based on the lunar calendar, the bride wore red (a traditional wedding color), and she also wore a plethora of gold bangles (which is also a Chinese tradition). AF-5For this couple, the focus for their big day was their vows. The two celebrated their new life together with loving promises. It was incredible.
AF-4 AF-3Swanboats

After the ceremony, the happy couple and friends had a delightful breakfast at the Four Seasons – which was conveniently located across the street from the Boston Public Garden. A beautiful day, and a beautiful celebration – what more could anyone ask for?


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