More Chinese Wedding Door Games

I’ll admit, the guys from our wedding party got off easy with our Chinese wedding door games (they weren’t really pranked). That being said, it was more then I could ask for considering no one in our wedding party has observed the tradition before. Here’s a follow up on how door games are really like – particularly in America. These photos are from my friend’s wedding, circa 2009. See how all the nice gents arrive at the bride’s parent’s house?


Here’s the groom bribing the bride’s cousin to get into her home.


The gents were swiftly asked by the bridesmaids to wear these “lucky” undies and a cape on the outside of their formal wear as part of the trial and tribulation.

Robin-Cin-Wedding-10 Robin-Cin-Wedding-11

Robin-Cin-Wedding-12 Robin-Cin-Wedding-13 Robin-Cin-Wedding-14

The gents were also asked to take a sharpie and write on each other’s bottoms with one caveat: Instead of holding the marker with their hands, they had to use their mouth.

Robin-Cin-Wedding-15 Robin-Cin-Wedding-16 Robin-Cin-Wedding-17 Robin-Cin-Wedding-18

Robin-Cin-Wedding-19 Robin-Cin-Wedding-20 Robin-Cin-Wedding-21 Robin-Cin-Wedding-22

After the first part of the hazing games, the gents were also asked to sing and act out to their (least) favorite 90’s pop song…Robin-Cin-Wedding-23

After this ordeal, the gents were finally let in.

So the moral of the story is: Chinese wedding door games is about hazing, humiliation, and bribery – sounds like fun, right?


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