Post-Wedding Checklist

The wedding task list does not end at I-DO. Here’s what I had to take care of after getting married:

Blog-post-photos-21. Thank you cards – I am always impressed by brides who sends “thank you cards” right after their wedding. As such, prior to getting married, I purchased a bunch of thank you cards for our guests. No, I did not want to use our wedding photos for thank you cards. Instead, we printed photos of our friends and their kids (at least the ones we were able to capture a good photo of) to send back to them.

2. Time off with friends and family – Since some of our guests traveled so very very far away, we did not want to leave everyone stranded. As such, in our first few days (and weekends) as newly weds were spent with friends and family. Seriously we cannot thank them enough for coming all the way out to Boston!

3. Return items – From the car we drove around on our big day, to gifts that we received double of (watch-out if you’re using TheKnot for gift registry – they’re not very good with keeping track of inventory), we spent a good day or so sorting everything out. IMG_8863

4. Reselling items – What are we possibly going to do with 200 seat covers? Or those left over (blank) invitations? Hello Ebay!

5. Plan honeymoon – I know, some couples probably have this all planned out before getting married. However, since we had a month and half in between our wedding and our honeymoon, we had some time to figure out the details. 

6. Clean, clean and clean – I for one did not want to come home to a messy home after our honeymoon. As such, we spent a lot of time organizing our new gifts, and cleaning.

7. Photos – This is probably a topic that can last from anywhere between a few days to a few years. For us, since we’re good friends with our wedding photographer, we got our photos back pretty quickly. That being said, between posting photos via social media, to arranging photos in wedding photo album, this can be a project of a life time.


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