How To Find Shoes For Your Wedding

Step into matrimony with the right pair of shoes! Meet Erina Ardinato, the Co-Founder of Bella Belle, as she shares the top 3 things a bride should look for when shopping for wedding shoes:

  1. Value – In today’s world, brides-to-be tend to shop for shoes that can be adorned destination-wedding-shoes-sandals-bella-belleeven after her big day. As a result, you’ll want to look for shoes that offer multiple usages. How does one wear white shoes after her wedding? No problem! Bella Belle also offers shoe dying service.
  1. Comfort – Let’s face it, you’ll be on your feet for most of your wedding day. As such, staying comfortable is crucial. Look for shoes with genuine leather lining, extra thick padding and leather soles as these will help your feet alleviate pain.Bella-Belle-Shoes-anatomy
    Bella Belle also offers a variety of shoes from sandals, heels and flats to match each bride’s level of comfort.
  1. Date – Never buy shoes last minute. Instead, you’ll want to have your shoes ready at least one month before your fitting. Don’t compromise your fitting by bringing a pair of shoes that are presumably similar. Since not all shoe designers measure the height of their shoes the same way, you can end up shortchanging your wedding ensemble. Thankfully Bella Belle offers 3-5 day shipping service or you can express your shoes for next day delivery.

Last but not least, feet tend to stretch throughout the day. If you try on a pair of shoes in the morning, they’ll tend to feel loose. If you try on shoes at night, they’ll tend to be tight. Therefore, the best way to try shoes out is by wearing them both in the morning and at night. Say you’re not happy with the fitting? No problem! Bella Belle has a 30-day exchange policy.

Ready to go shoe shopping? Check out Bella Belle today!



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