Macarons: The Perfect Wedding Dessert & Favor

Surprise your guests with this fabulous treat: the French macaron. Meet Rita Ng, the creator of Boston BonBon. Read my interview with Rita as she talks about why macarons are the perfect wedding dessert and party favors:

  1. Why should brides consider macarons for guests? Do brides consider macarons as a dessert bar item, or do they consider it as a wedding gift, or both?
    Actually brides consider macarons as either party favors, or dessert bar. Or sometimes both. They can also make a macaron tower, which is both decorative and guests can help themselves to the desserts.
  2. What is the most common flavor of macaroons for weddings? And why?
    I wouldn’t say there is a common flavor. But a lot of brides like to order macarons that are pink in color, or some Asian flavors like Green Tea or Lychee for Asian brides.
  3. What makes Boston BonBon better then other brands of macarons?
    I would say Boston Bonbon offers a lot of options for customization for their customers, in terms of color, size, shape (like heart-shaped macaron), flavors and packaging. Above all, we have a lot of unique flavors and Asian flavors, which are appealing to Asian brides. We can even create custom messages on the macarons.We want to create a unique experience for our customers. We want to make sure their weddings are perfect.
  4. Since one of the theme for One Silly Bride is about How to Plan an Asian-American wedding, tell us: Are macarons appropriate for Asian-American weddings?
    Yes, macarons are absolutely appropriate for Asian-American weddings. We can incorporate a lot of Asian flavors into the macarons but at the same time macarons is a symbol of Western influence, which is perfect for the EAST meets WEST feel!
  5. When should a bride place an order for macarons for her wedding? 3 months a head? 1 month a head? Do you offer tastings as well?
    If a bride is interested in having macarons for her wedding, she should contact us as soon as possible because we are booked for a lot of weekends during the popular wedding season (e.g. summer and fall), and we want to make sure we have enough staffing for the orders.  Yes, we do provide tastings by appointments.  Feel free to contact us via email

    But the actual placing orders can be 1 to 2 months ahead of time depending on the complexity and size of the order.  But we also offer rush orders, that can be placed a week ahead of time.

  6. Do you deliver outside of Boston?
    Yes, we do deliver outside of Boston.  Usually the farthest we deliver is within an hour distance from Boston, but sometimes its negotiable.

Ready to indulge your guests with delicious macarons? Check out Boston Bonbon today – Get 10% off with promo code: onesillybride10

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