Silk Flower Arrangements

Previously, I blogged about the use of silk flowers in our wedding…and the result was fabulous! To further use of silk flowers, my Texan family created these beautiful display arrangements. See how we used the bouquets at the Pig Roast…At the church ceremony….And last but certainly not least, at our cake table. We also incorporated eco-friendly rose pedals by … More Silk Flower Arrangements

Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 1)

What an incredible wedding gift! My little cousins from Canada created this beautiful shadow (light) box display plus storage unit. According to my cousins, they stalked my husband and I on Facebook to create our bust, and researched on how the actual stain-glass window looks at our wedding venue. They even went as far as including some of our favorite cartoon … More Best Handcrafted Wedding Gift (Part 1)

The Great Wall Of Wedding Favors

Ta-Da! Thanks to 7 supportive individuals, our Great Wall Of Wedding Favors was complete within 2 hours. By complete, I mean assembling 210+ sheets of cut up gold paper. We still need to stuff goodies inside these little boxes. This is how the wedding favors looked as it arrived from China.

It takes a village to finish 60 bottles of wine!

Sometime over the past 6 months, my FMIL and I decided to use wine bottles as centerpiece with origami flowers. Since we’re having a traditional Chinese banquet, we thought this style of center piece would tie in with both the theme and restaurant’s decor nicely. For our wedding, we’re expecting 200 guests (that’s 20 tables); We thought … More It takes a village to finish 60 bottles of wine!