A Wedding At An Automobile Museum

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to see a very good friend wed at an automobile museum: Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA. Why at an automobile museum you ask? It’s b/c my friend is an absolute car phonetic. This video sums up their beautiful day, highlighting the very best parts. Nice job Door Eleven Productions!

Castle In The Clouds

This weekend, the beau and I had the opportunity to visit Castle In The Clouds. To be fair, although it’s not quite a castle, the beautiful estate (with clever marketing) located in Moltonborough, New Hampshire, is sort of in the clouds. This was my second visit, and on both occasions, a wedding was taking place. And why not? … More Castle In The Clouds

The Winnipesauke Belle

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner takes place the night before your big day. And to “throw it out there”, the beau’s mother kindly suggested The Winnipesauke Belle (which so happened to be in front of us on one summer day). To summarize: The “Winni Belle,” as she is affectionately known, is a 65-foot replica turn-of-the-century paddle wheeled boat. … More The Winnipesauke Belle

Heart Island

As a girl, my dream was to get married on Heart Island, located in Thousand Island — The American Taj Mahal (well sort-of, you can read the story here). However, after a careful look at their website, it doesn’t sound realistic. To start, although the cost doesn’t sound too horrific: Q: What is the cost of a … More Heart Island