About One Silly Bride

One Silly Bride Mission/Purpose: Oh, hello. I’m Vienne, a Boston-based wedding enthusiast. I created One Silly Bride in 2014 with the silly intention of planning my big day before I was engaged! I figured: It never hurts to be prepared, and thus the name of my blog.

Today, I have planned my wedding. And despite all of the beautiful websites dedicated to tying the knot, I found that there weren’t a lot of resources for my unique situation: Planning a Chinese-American wedding. For you see, I am originally from Hong Kong, which makes me ethnically Chinese. My fiancé is a 7th generation Texan. Since most bridal blogs lacks the Asian American perspective (and understandably so), I decided to turn my silly blog into something that would achieve 4 goals:

  1. Document my journey of wedding planning & DIY projects
  2. Provide resources and answers to future brides
  3. Keep track of other silly ideas that pertains to wedding planning
  4. Provide answers on how to integrate both traditions from the East and the West for the big day.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


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