Planning the perfect honeymoon

A honeymoon can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. After the stress of the wedding preparations and the joy of finally becoming a married pair, couples enjoy pure blissful days during their honeymoon. It’s all about relaxing, celebrating love and having the time of your life. … More Planning the perfect honeymoon

Queue the music…At last!

And just like that, our wedding is over! I promised myself a hair cut and froyo the day after I get married, and here it is: Although the hair cut will have to come at a later time. Don’t worry, this won’t be the end. I’ll still be blogging about weddings!

The Panty Game

As a woman from the lingerie industry, I LOVE to receive new underpinnings! As such, I was thrilled to play the Panty Game at my bachelorette party. What’s that you ask? The Panty Game is a fabulous game where each guest brings a pair of panty that matches her personality and style. The bride-to-be would … More The Panty Game

Hurray! My Eco-Friendly Rose Petals Are Here!

I was super delighted to receive these gorgeous rose petals from Flyboy Naturals! These [real] petals [not silk] are just what we need to embellish our cake table and to add romance to the aisle.  Although I won’t be opening these beautiful bags of petals until next week (at our actual wedding – so stay tuned for … More Hurray! My Eco-Friendly Rose Petals Are Here!

My size XL Chinese Wedding Gown (Kwa) Has Arrived

My grandmother’s wedding gown Growing up, the only photographs I’ve seen of my mother from her wedding day was of her wearing a traditional “kwa” – a two piece Chinese wedding gown worn mainly in the south of China. Since I grew up with that image instilled in my upbringing, I always thought it would … More My size XL Chinese Wedding Gown (Kwa) Has Arrived